Triple-band metamaterial absorber proposed for sensors, filters, and stealth technology

Metamaterials, a type of artificial material denoted by the prefix “meta” meaning “after” or “beyond” in Greek, exhibit extraordinary electromagnetic properties not seen in natural substances. Due to their unique characteristics like negative refraction, perfect lensing, and cloaking, they have attracted significant attention in research.

A recent paper in The European Physical Journal D by Shahzad Anwar and colleagues from the Department of Physics, Islamia College Peshawar, Pakistan, introduces a novel design for a triple-band perfect metamaterial absorber. This metamaterial holds great promise for diverse applications such as sensors, filters, and stealth technology.

The researchers aimed to create a multiband metamaterial absorber to enhance its sensing capabilities and potential use in optical filters and sensing devices. Their work simplifies the design structure of such metamaterials in the terahertz region while significantly improving their sensing performance.

The proposed design comprises a gold metallic array, a metallic layer, and a dielectric spacer between them. Through their tests, the team achieved three resonant modes at frequencies 1.655 THz, 1.985 THz, and 2.86 THz, with an impressive average absorption rate close to 95%.

Furthermore, the researchers found that by adjusting the structural parameters of the material, they could tune the resonant frequencies. They noted that the high-order resonance response showed superior sensing performance compared to the fundamental mode resonance, providing a novel approach for designing highly sensitive sensors.

Source: Springer

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