Lollipop-based saliva collection system shows promise for intuitive and convenient at-home testing

Researchers have discovered a novel and more enjoyable way to collect saliva samples for diagnostic testing. By using lollipops, the researchers have developed a saliva collection system that is not only effective but also preferred by study participants. The lollipop-based device, called CandyCollect, features a spoon-like stick with a spiral groove covered with isomalt candy. As the lollipop is eaten, saliva easily flows into the groove, allowing for the collection of bacteria.

In a study involving 28 adult volunteers, CandyCollect was compared to two conventional saliva sampling kits. The results showed that CandyCollect was as effective as the other methods in detecting bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans and Staphylococcus aureus. Furthermore, participants found the lollipop-based system to be the most popular and preferred option, considering it the “most sanitary” and “least disgusting.” Notably, the collected samples remained stable and produced accurate results even after being stored for up to a year.

The success of CandyCollect highlights the potential for more intuitive and convenient at-home testing methods. This innovative approach could inspire other scientists to develop similar user-friendly devices that make diagnostic testing less invasive and more enjoyable.

Source: American Chemical Society

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